Natural Products Field Manual - Fourth Edition

By Bob Burke and Rick McKelvey with over 66 industry experts. The Fourth Edition was completely updated, revised, and expanded April, 2009 and all text pages printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper.

See list of companies who have benefited from the Field Manual which include: large CPG companies, veteran natural companies, start-ups, companies coming in from outside the US, investors and other consultants.


Complete, comprehensive, 44 Chapter, 4 volume guide on “how to go to market"


CD-ROM with natural products stores,  directory of natural buyers in mainstream grocery stores, directories of brokers and distributors, budget models, distributor programs and new item forms, PR Media list and customer logos.


Comprehensive "do it yourself" chapter on public relations includes complete media list with contacts


Practical, proven, best practices shared and illustrated


Rich, insightful “guest editorials” by notable buyers, brokers and CEO’s  


Ideal for preparing a business plan and launch strategy


Additional commentary by industry experts in their area of specialty


$15,000 worth of coupons on services you can use! 


Installment plans available for smaller companies and start-ups


Includes half-day consulting by authors

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Comprehensive Chapters on:

Industry Overview          Mass Market Natural    Consumer Promotion       Private Label
Natural Consumer          Broker Management      Consumer Advertising   Organics
Sales Organization         Strategic Planning        Off-sites and Meetings    Margins & Pricing          
Budgeting & Planning     Database Marketing       Financing                    Contract Manufacturing
New Product Intros        Trade Promotion          Events Marketing           Branding
Natural Retailers           Trade Funds Mgmt        Category Mgmt            Canadian Mkt
Natural Distributors        Trade Organizations      Market Research           Exporting  
Food Service                  UK Market                    Trade Shows                     Co-packers
 Also, exclusive interviews with leading natural and mass retailers


Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield Farm Yogurt, President/CEO/Chairman

"The single greatest cost that any entrepreneur incurs is the “Learning Curve”.  It can make you, break you, or sentence you to a slow, tortuous death.  Bob’s and Rick’s Natural Products Field Manual will absolutely cut this cost in half, if not eliminate it altogether.  I only wish I’d had a copy 19, or even 2, years ago." 

"If the Natural Products Field Manual doesn’t save your firm tens of thousands of dollars, or garner you many more thousands in revenues, then save yourself the trouble and close your business.  The problem lies with you, not the authors. This compendium is an invaluable gem."

 -- Gary Hirshberg, March 19, 2002

Dan Atwood - Senior Vice President, United Natural Foods, Inc. 

"I can't think of a company in the industry that wouldn't benefit tremendously from the Natural Products Field Manual ."
            --- Dan Atwood, Senior Vice President, United Natural Foods, Inc.


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